Bankruptcy Lawyers

When considering how to choose a bankruptcy attorney, you should consider many different factors to find the lawyer best suited for your needs.

First, it is usually best to deal with a local lawyer who is licensed in your division. While this lawyer has the obvious benefit of convenient location, a local lawyer is also likely more familiar with the local rules and regulations that might be unique to your division. Additionally, lawyers who frequently practice within a district are more likely to be familiar with the local court customs and procedures than an attorney who only practices in your district on a few occasions.

Second, while the cost of hiring an attorney can sometimes be a significant burden, you should also avoid hiring the cheapest lawyer simply based on their hourly rate or fee schedule. That is not to say that the most expensive attorney is going to be the best fit for your situation, either. You might consider calling around to a few lawyers to find out about their rates, their experience, and their appointment schedule, before you make your final decision on hiring a lawyer. Remember that your situation is unique to you, and that while some legal services offered by some law firms are based on a flat-rate fee, others are not.

Once you’ve selected a lawyer, make sure you schedule an appointment to meet with the lawyer. Some law firms charge a small fee for the first meeting, while others offer the initial consultation free of charge. At Grainger Legal Services, we offer the initial bankruptcy strategy meeting free of charge.

If the lawyer you’ve selected has new client forms to fill out before the first meeting, you should see if those forms are available off the firm’s website so you can better understand what information your lawyer is going to need from you. If you’d like to make an appointment with Grainger Legal Services, you can download our intake form here.

Lastly, please remember that the lawyer you decide to hire is there to help you in your unique legal situation. With that in mind, please remember that even in a small law firm, the attorney is going to have multiple clients, so being on time for a 30-minute appointment will be greatly appreciated by the lawyer and staff. Additionally, please keep in mind that lawyers are not mind readers – they can’t help you for a situation that you haven’t told them, or haven’t disclosed all of the information.

Experienced Alabama bankruptcy attorney Chuck Grainger can meet with you and help you determine if Grainger Legal Services can help you with your financial situation. At Grainger Legal Services, we strive to put our clients in the best possible situation for success. We serve clients in from our offices located in Montgomery, Prattville, and Troy, Alabama. You can call or text us at (334) 260-0500 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with Mr. Grainger to see how we can help you get out of the hole.

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