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Our firm helps families “get out of the hole.” When someone says “I’m in the hole” it generally means they are unable to pay what they owe. People are in the hole when their debts plus their living expenses combined are higher than their income.

While people coming to see a lawyer about their finances often will need a bankruptcy, we take a broader view of their situation in order to make sure that is the appropriate solution because the goal is not to file bankruptcy – the goal is to “get out of the hole.”

Even though bankruptcy is a very powerful tool to provide debt relief, other methods of debt relief may be more fitting to their circumstances. Also, obtaining debt relief may not be enough to get our clients out of the hole. We coach our clients and suggest additional measures they may have to take in order to succeed. There are some problems we can’t solve but which we can use our experience to suggest solutions.

If a bankruptcy is necessary, then we want to make sure our clients have the best outcome we can get for them. We appreciate it when our clients have performed their own research and have reached some initial conclusions about what they should do. However, there is no substitute for the advice and counsel of an experienced attorney.

In addition to the scope of our evaluation, we also believe in educating our clients so they have a basic understanding of the steps we must take together. In addition to this web site, we provide literature with charts which describe the process and pointers which our clients review with an experienced attorney.

We don’t just hand people something to read, we go over it and answer your questions. Our goal is not simply to tell clients what they need to do but to explain why and how it would work.

On one hand, our firm is a small business and we have to make a living from the work we perform. That is just a fact of life. On the other hand, we enjoy the opportunity our work provides us to minister to the lives of people. A lot of people hate their jobs but we love ours. Most people we see have gone through a period of denial and then have become oppressed by their fears. They genuinely want to pay their debts but can’t either due to circumstances beyond their control, past mistakes or a combination of the two. They often not have been sleeping well and carry an enormous weight on their shoulders. It is very gratifying to help people get either a “fresh start” or at least “breathing room.”

We hope this narrative gives the reader some insight into our practice. If you are “in the hole” and live in South-Central Alabama, we hope you’ll you’ll consider contacting our office and making a free appointment so that we can evaluate your circumstances and develop a strategy to help you “get out of the hole.”

Chuck Grainger
Attorney at Law

Attorney Charles Grainger

Attorney Charles Grainger possesses decades of legal experience focused on debtor-creditor law, bankruptcy, and business law. His legal work is designed to help clients overcome debt and secure a stronger financial footing. He also provides legal services to entrepreneurs and business owners. Grainger Legal Services takes a comprehensive approach to debt relief and financial education for clients in south-central Alabama. [ Attorney Bio ]

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