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Sometimes people in Wetumpka, like anywhere else, become overwhelmed financially and will need protection and relief. You may need an experienced Wetumpka bankruptcy attorney to sort out your options. When people feel overwhelmed, they often go into a period of denial and their fears will hold them in bondage and keep them from acting on a timely basis. If you have not been sleeping well because of being overwhelmed, it is time to come see us. Ignoring the problem will often make it worse as people fall further behind on their debts and face lawsuits, foreclosures, garnishments, liens on their property or a Sheriff’s sale of their belongings.

Our firm is dedicated to helping people “get out of the hole.” We examine your financial circumstances and develop a strategy designed to provide debt relief. This may or may not include obtaining bankruptcy protection depending upon your circumstances. Because bankruptcy is such a powerful tool in creating relief, it is often the correct choice once the circumstances have gone too far. People considering bankruptcy want to learn more. That is why we have devoted so much of our web site to providing bankruptcy information to people like you are investigating your options.

Generally, debt relief options include the following:

  • Borrowing money from a bank or credit union to pay-off other higher interest debts. The problem with this option is qualifying for the loan and being able to afford it.
  • Credit counseling repayment plans generally ask creditors (mostly just credit cards) to accept a lower interest rate to get debt paid-off more quickly but unfortunately for about the same amount of payment that is difficult to pay now. Our experience is that such plans have a high failure rate and result in very poor credit scores. Some creditors will not participate and may be prompted to sue since the credit counseling plan may indicate to them a person is going under.
  • Debt settlement scams are all over the internet and radio. If you attempt one, make sure they are licensed by the Alabama Securities Commission. It may still be a scam but at least that affords some protection. In our view, debt settlements do not work well on a monthly payment basis but can work with lump sums. You are welcome to schedule a “Strategy” appointment and discuss that with us.
  • Working with your creditors is often dangerous because each creditor wants their money and they don’t care whether what they demand leaves you enough to meet your other obligations.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an effective tool for unsecured debts which do not have collateral. Examples include credit cards, medical bills, lawsuits, and small loans. People are limited in how much property they can keep in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy but the notion they will lose everything is a common misconception. Most people lose nothing in a Chapter 7.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a 3-5 year repayment plan which may or may not pay anything to unsecured creditors depending upon your circumstances. Chapter 13 has the benefit of addressing more types of debt such as being behind on house payments or car payments, back child support and taxes. Often a Chapter 13 is easier to start because the attorney fees are placed into the plan.

The bankruptcy court location for Wetumpka, Alabama is in Montgomery, Alabama. The office we have which is most convenient to our clients from Wetumpka, Alabama is in Prattville, Alabama. Wetumpka is 19 miles from our office in Prattville.

Some of our Wetumpka clients prefer our Prattville office while others prefer our Montgomery office.

Our Montgomery office is located at 4220 Carmichael Ct., N., Montgomery, AL 36106 and is easy to get to in that it is located right off of Carmichael Road (near I-85 and Eastern Boulevard) where a number of people see various doctors in Montgomery. For a free appointment, call (334) 260-0500 or contact us online to schedule.

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Our Prattville office is located at 921 E. Main Street, Prattville, AL 36066 and is easy to get to in that it is located near the intersection of the two main arteries in Prattville – Highway 31 and Main Street. For a free appointment, call (334) 361-8550 or contact us online to schedule.

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Retain an Experienced Alabama Bankruptcy Attorney

Although debt can feel like an insurmountable problem, especially when you’re also worrying about shelter and housing, an experienced Wetumpka Alabama bankruptcy attorney can evaluate the facts and give you long-term solutions to your troubles. Our firm serves clients in south-central Alabama from our offices located in Montgomery, Prattville, and Troy. Call us at (334) 361-8550 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Attorney Charles Grainger

Attorney Charles Grainger possesses decades of legal experience focused on debtor-creditor law, bankruptcy, and business law. His legal work is designed to help clients overcome debt and secure a stronger financial footing. He also provides legal services to entrepreneurs and business owners. Grainger Legal Services takes a comprehensive approach to debt relief and financial education for clients in south-central Alabama. [ Attorney Bio ]

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