Where Should I File Bankruptcy in Alabama

Your bankruptcy case should be filed by an experienced bankruptcy attorney in the District in which you reside, are domiciled or have a principal place of business. You must be located in that District for 180 days prior to the filing of the case. If not located for 180 days in that District, then the place to file is where the majority of that time was spent.

For consumers and businesses in our service area, this is the Middle District of Alabama. See the map below.

The Middle District of Alabama is divided into three Divisions – each of which has a federal courthouse to support it. The Northern Division hosts a federal courthouse in Montgomery. The Eastern Division hosts a federal courthouse in Opelika and the Southern Division hosts a federal courthouse in Dothan.

Our firm focuses on serving the Northern Division although we are often may accept clients from the Eastern and Southern Divisions.

If you reside in another District but have an unusual reason for wanting to file in (for example) the Middle District of Alabama, the proper procedure is to file the case in the District in which you reside and then seek permission of that Court to remove your case to the new District.

Filing a case in a different Division of the Middle District of Alabama should not be done unless there is a good reason for it – such as for convenience due to your working in another Division. In the Middle District of Alabama, this simply requires the filing of a Notice of Change of Venue rather than a Motion required when crossing the boundaries of a District. Consequently, it is easier to move from one Division to another within the Middle District of Alabama than it is to move from a completely different District to another.

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