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The Role of the Bankruptcy Trustee

Legal Representation for Alabama Residents Reorganizing Their Finances The bankruptcy attorneys at Grainger Legal Services can help individuals throughout Alabama protect their interests during financial reorganization. Working with a bankruptcy trustee can help you make sure you receive the greatest possible discharge of your consumer debts. Most states are part of the U.S. trustee program… Continue reading The Role of the Bankruptcy Trustee

Key Deadlines in Bankruptcy Cases

Alabama Attorney Protecting Debtor Rights Navigating the bankruptcy process can be extremely challenging for a layperson. It requires you to make full disclosures of assets and debts, and comply with numerous deadlines in order to complete the process and obtain a discharge. Failing to meet mandatory deadlines may result in the dismissal of your case… Continue reading Key Deadlines in Bankruptcy Cases

Inheritances in Bankruptcy

Debt Relief Attorney Serving Alabama Residents The impact of an inheritance on your bankruptcy varies depending on the timing of the inheritance and whether you filed under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. At Grainger Legal Services, an Alabama bankruptcy lawyer can advise you on the effect of an inheritance and help you navigate the challenges… Continue reading Inheritances in Bankruptcy

Helping Grown Family Members

Knowledgeable Lawyer Representing Alabama Clients in Bankruptcy Matters Taking on an adult family member’s debts as your own can be a huge risk and threaten your own financial security. Perhaps the person who needs help is an aging parent, but more often it is an adult child who can’t hold down a job and for… Continue reading Helping Grown Family Members

Getting Your Driver’s License Back Through Bankruptcy

Alabama Lawyers Dedicated to Helping Individuals Reorganize Their Finances Certain debts are nondischargeable, which means that filing for bankruptcy will not wipe them out. Among nondischargeable debts are traffic fines. These will not be discharged through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and they must be repaid in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When too many traffic fines accumulate, or… Continue reading Getting Your Driver’s License Back Through Bankruptcy


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